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Deprecation and Sunset Support for Node-sass

If you recently received an alert within your BigCommerce control panel regarding incompatible SCSS directives, we want you to know that BigCommerce is here for you. This article will guide you through the two possible scenarios to ensure you are not affected when we move to a more modern version of our node-sass compiler and deprecate older versions of node.js early next year.

Scenario 1: Automated solution

For most storefronts with incompatible SCSS issues, BigCommerce has provided an automated draft version of your storefront theme for your consideration. Please sign in to the store control panel and navigate to the channel manager. If we can offer an automated fix, you will see a draft version of your updated theme for your consideration with the name Theme Name [SCSS AUTOFIXED]. Please review and publish at your convenience.

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Scenario 2: Manual upgrade

If you prefer a more manual, granular approach, use the most recent version of the Stencil CLI, which supports only Node 18. If your theme needs attention, the bundle command will provide feedback. There is also a new Stencil CLI command, autofix-scss, that can help address many SCSS issues.

To ensure your storefront is up to date, use the following steps:

  1. Using the latest version of stencil-cli, run the stencil bundle command to validate your theme’s code and note any errors in the console output.
stencil bundle
  1. For most issues, there is an option to run a script to update your files with the correct formatting. You can run the script by doing the following:

a. Use the "dry run" option to see potential changes without making or saving those changes.

stencil scss-autofix --dry

b. To make the changes and revalidate, run the following:

stencil scss-autofix
stencil bundle

c. After making these changes, you can test your site to ensure there are no visual regressions. Run stencil start as usual to preview the site.

stencil start

d. If everything looks good, push the changes live to your storefront by following your normal theme deployment workflow or running stencil push.

stencil push

If you are still experiencing issues, please get in touch with your development team, Customer Success Manager, or BigCommerce customer support (opens in a new tab).


How long do I have? When will the legacy SCSS compiler (node-sass) be sunset?

Please make these changes as soon as possible. We have sunsetted support for the node-sass package on January 31, 2024. Your current production site will continue to function as designed, but all future updates will require you to address any SCSS compatibility issues with Node.js 18.

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