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Editing Packing Slips

Customizing Printable Packing Slips

Developers are commonly asked to modify the default content of packing slips in order to satisfy specific business requirements and industry demands. This article contains instructions on how to edit the HTML file of a printable packing slip.

Customizing printable packing slips

Customizing your Stencil theme’s printable packing slip currently relies on a template and variables from BigCommerce’s legacy Blueprint themes framework. To make changes to the packing slip file, follow these steps:

  1. Download printable packing slip .zip (opens in a new tab), which contains the HTML skeleton of a printable packing slip.

  2. Make your customizations to the HTML file.

  3. Upload your customized HTML file to the WebDAV’s /template/ folder using WebDAV (opens in a new tab). Ensure that it is named packing_slip_print.html and replaces the default file, or your changes will not be applied.


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