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API and UI Feature Differences

Feature Differences Between the Promotions API and UI

The following table lists the differences between the Promotions API and the control panel UI.

AND operator usage at the conditional level to create promotion conditions with multiple criteria.Add multiple criteria on a promotion condition by using the AND operator. (e.g., "Buy 2 units of X AND 3 units of Y.")N/A
Only one criterion is allowed on promotion conditions.
AND, OR, & NOT operators nested in the item matcher when creating promotion conditions and rewards.Use all three operators for deep nesting. (e.g., "Buy 2 products from either categories X, Y OR branch C, or D.")Only the AND operator is allowed. (e.g., "Buy products from categories X, Y AND brand C, and D.")
AND, OR, & NOT operators for Customer Segments targeted in Promotions.Combine all three operators for deep nesting when targeting Customer Segments.Only combine the OR operator with NOT.
Assign coupon codes to a coupon promotion.Assign multiple codes to one coupon promotion.Assign only one code to a coupon promotion.
Manage execution priorities for automatic promotions.N/A
Updates for promotion priorities are not allowed with the API.
Manage execution priorities through the control panel.
View, edit, and manage promotions, including notifications (banner messages) on the control panel UI.N/A
You can not view, edit, or manage promotions created with the API.
Only promotions created with the legacy editor can include banner messages.
Apply minimum total order count restrictions on promotion conditions.Achievable through the minimum_order_count attribute during creation.N/A
You cannot set the minimum total order count.
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