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When you're developing with BigCommerce, you have access to a variety of support resources.

Developer community

The developer community is a great place to connect with other developers building BigCommerce storefronts, apps, and integrations. You can learn more about upcoming events with our Dev Rel team and get connected with our social communities.

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub has blog posts, developer tools, and more to help jump-start the perfect ecommerce experience. Find examples and starters to help you begin working on BigCommerce.

Release notes

Our release notes catalog notable updates made to the BigCommerce platform and to the documentation. You can find significant changes, such as new features, latest releases, and bug fixes.

BigCommerce status

The BigCommerce status (opens in a new tab) page provides information on the health of BigCommerce-operated services. View the incident history (opens in a new tab) or subscribe to receive status alerts.

Town Hall

BigCommerce Town Halls (opens in a new tab) are a live quarterly series of calls that include product and company updates. Recordings of previous Town Halls are available.

Partner support team

If you are a BigCommerce partner, you can access the partner support team through the Partner Portal (opens in a new tab). Once you sign in to your Partner Portal account, hover over the Support tab located in the top right corner. Select Contact Support and you will be taken to a new page where you can Create a Support Case or use our Live Chat feature.

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