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As a BigCommerce partner, you have access to a wide variety of support resources. This article outlines the different types of resources available to you.

Developer community

The Developer community is a hub for web developers working with BigCommerce APIs, creating a custom theme, or building a custom app or integration. Find answers, browse topics, and talk to other developers in this group.

Developer blog

The Developer blog (opens in a new tab) provides product, industry, how-to, and community information regularly. Find news, tips, and stories for developing on BigCommerce.

Developer library

The Developer library (opens in a new tab) provides samples, tools, and guides to help jump-start the perfect ecommerce experience. Find examples and starters to help you begin working on BigCommerce.

Developer Slack

BigCommerce has a dedicated Slack channel for Technology and Agency partners. It is a great place to connect, learn about new updates, and attend “Ask Me Anything” sessions with the BigCommerce Product team members. To join the BigCommerce developer Slack community, fill out this form (opens in a new tab).


Changelog is a log of notable updates made to the BigCommerce platform. In chronological order, find significant changes, such as new features, latest releases, and bug fixes. If you have an Atom or RSS client app, you can stay up-to-date with the Changelog updates by subscribing to the RSS feeds. To subscribe to all the publications or dedicated feeds, click the RSS feeds link at the bottom of the news (opens in a new tab) page to access the list of feed URLs (opens in a new tab).

BigCommerce Status

BigCommerce Status (opens in a new tab) provides information on the health of BigCommerce-operated services. View incident history (opens in a new tab) or subscribe to receive status alerts.

Town Hall

BigCommerce Town Hall (opens in a new tab) is a monthly webinar program where merchants and partners receive product and company updates and engage in a live Q&A with BigCommerce executive leadership. Recordings of previous Town Halls are available.

Partner Support Team

You can access the Partner Support Team through the Partner Portal (opens in a new tab). Once you log into your Partner Portal account, hover over the Support tab located in the top right corner. Select Contact Support and you will be taken to a new page where you can Create a Support Case or use our Live Chat feature.

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