Next.js + BigCommerce

Next.js + BigCommerce

This article is about the Next.js + BigCommerce starter app, a BigCommerce-optimized version of Vercel's Next.js Commerce v2.

If you're looking for Next.js Commerce v1, you can learn more in our legacy storefront documentation.


Next.js + BigCommerce is a Next.js 13 and App Router-ready headless storefront template, featuring the following:


Next.js + BigCommerce requires a BigCommerce sandbox or a production store provisioned to run a headless storefront (opens in a new tab).

Getting started

To get started, visit the Next.js + BigCommerce repository (GitHub) (opens in a new tab). Use the README (opens in a new tab) and Example environment variables file (opens in a new tab) to get oriented. You can use the Deploy with Vercel button (GitHub) (opens in a new tab) at the top of the README to configure Vercel environment variables and deploy your storefront, then use the Vercel CLI (Vercel) (opens in a new tab) to develop locally and see your changes in deployment at will.


Looking for more?
Learn more about our suite of Next.js 13+ tools for enterprise commerce, Catalyst for Composable Commerce (opens in a new tab).




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