Buy online, pick up in store
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Fulfill order as a merchant

6.0 Fulfill order as a merchant

When building a Buy Online, Pick up in Store solution, merchants can fulfill orders for pickup using the existing Orders V2 API.

To fulfill an order, send a request to the Create an order endpoint.

Example request: Create an order
X-Auth-Token: {{access_token}}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
  "billing_address": {
    "state": "Washington",
    "zip": "98006",
    "country": "United States"
  "consignments": {
    "pickups": [
        "pickup_method_id": 1,
        "pickup_method_display_name": "Pick Up",
        "collection_instructions": "Bring your ID",
        "collection_time_description": "9am - 6pm",
        "location": {
          "name": "Location 1",
          "code": "LOCATION-1",
          "address_line_1": "123 Main Street",
          "address_line_2": "Suite 101",
          "city": "Austin",
          "state": "Texas",
          "postal_code": "78726",
          "country_alpha2": "US",
          "email": "",
          "phone": "+1 111-111-1111"
        "line_items": [
            "name": "Fog Linen Chambray Towel - Beige Stripe",
            "quantity": 3,
            "price_ex_tax": 0,
            "price_inc_tax": 0
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