Becoming a Partner

Our BigCommerce Partner Program includes access to training, sales enablement and a referral network to get more clients and build better ecommerce experiences.

The following sections outline the steps required to become a vendor of Single-Click Apps on the BigCommerce platform. Doing so requires a partnership application, but acceptance will authorize you to provide best-of-breed solutions to the fast-growing online businesses we host.

Applying to the Technology Partner Program

Before you can submit an app to the BigCommerce App Marketplace (which merchants also know as our “app store”), you must become an official Partner. BigCommerce offers app developers free sandbox stores through its Technology Partner Program. To be approved as a partner, you will need:

  • A website showcasing your agency
  • Intent to offer your app publicly
  • Ability to support users of your app
  • Evidence of expertise in app development

Once approved, you will receive one or more emails listing your partner credentials and next steps. Your Partner ID will be required to submit your app for App Marketplace consideration. If you do not receive these credentials by email, please contact

Getting a Sandbox Store

To build a Marketplace app, you will need to have:

  • Sandbox store
  • Developer account at
  • Be accepted as a BigCommerce partner.

We encourage you to create your sandbox store and your Dev Tools account using the same login credentials. A sandbox store cannot process transactions and is for developing and testing apps without the 15-day time time limit of a trial store.

Trials Erased After 15 days

Although a sandbox store is not required for app development, it is best practice. If you opt to develop on a trial store, keep in mind that the store and data will be erased after 15 days and a new trial will have to be created.

Create a Sandbox Store

  1. Go to the BigCommerce Pricing page and Select Start your free trial.
  2. Where prompted for an email address, enter the same email that you used when applying to become a Partner.
  3. In the trial store setup form, enter a store name, password, and other details. Then select Create your store.
  4. Log in to your Partner account to access the Partner Portal
  5. Navigate to Support > Contact Support and select Create a Support Case
  6. Complete the form with Partner Sandbox as the subject line. In the case description, enter your new sandbox store’s canonical URL (for example: and request conversion to a sandbox.
  7. Under Issue Type, select Merchant Account Services. Click Create Case. We will flag this as a sandbox to ensure your continued access to the store, as opposed to the normal 15-day trial. This can take around two days.
  8. When you log into your new trial store, use the same email associated with your Partner login.


Are all fields required when applying to be a partner?

While not all fields are required to publish edits for your listing, they are all highly recommended. Without filling in all fields, your listing will be missing information that merchants have seen on other listings and expect to see throughout the Marketplace.

I’ve logged in to Dev Tools, but I don’t see my published listing. Where is it?

You may be logged in with the wrong account. Each listing can only be owned by one user, so it is likely assigned to another email address. If you’re unable to track down the correct owner account for your solution, please reach out to

Why has my listing on not updated yet?

The changes will be effective immediately in your control panel app card, but the updates can take up to 24 hours to appear on the public BigCommerce Marketplace. Feel free to use this as a grace period to make additional edits as needed.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?


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